Old Bourbon and Baby’s Breath (2017):

A series of short, short stories by Matt O’Meara

HOW to get your hands on a copy:

Old Bourbon and Baby’s Breath is available in paperback and kindle edition via Amazon. Click on the links above to go directly to amazon purchase page.

WHAT other readers are saying:

“I felt lost and confused before I read these poems. I still am.” (Marguerite P.)
“One or two of these are ok.” (Dennis l.)
“I may be able to help. Call me.” (Dr. Marion V.)

To WHET your appetite:

Por Favor
Old Bourbon and baby’s breath
our most potent elixir
bottled, labeled, shaken
and flung
across the Cosmos,
washing ashore


Head Trip (2018):

This is a book of poems and short, short stories and 36 drawings by Matt O’Meara.

This is available in book-form for $12 by contacting mosaart.com by email (below); or in a Kindle-version at Amazon.com.

WHAT other readers are saying:

“Head Trip feels true and is written the way people talk. Some of it doesn’t make sense, but life is like that now.” (Alita V., age 11.)

“Strangely fascinating.” (Bill R., age 68.)

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