2015 Resolutions in GIFs

The end of the year is a time to reflect on what’s transpired and lay the groundwork for the year ahead. Since Mosaart is in it’s infancy, we’ll save the reflection for another time. Here’s what MiniMo (Maddie) has on her resolution list for the upcoming year.

1. Do something new every day.

2. Start each morning with a solo dance session. Kudos to Annemarie of the8count for inspiring this idea.

3. Avoid texting while walking. It’s becoming an epidemic.

4. Seek enrichment through the arts and exercise.

5. Share more.

6. Conquer the NYTimes crossword.

7. Give more compliments (when deserved).

8. Say hi to strangers.

9. Eat less beef.

10. Whenever possible, cook.


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